Thank you for taking the time and effort to find the Simenauer and Greene Literary Agency website. We know that hundreds of other literary agents are out there drumming for business too, so we are sincerely glad you found us.

After operating under her own name for many years, Jacqueline Simenauer teamed up with Carole J Greene to form this agency. Both of us are long-time denizens of the publishing industry. Our personalities, ambitions, and literary experiences fit well together. We offer authors—whether seasoned or first-timers—the kind of professional help you want and need to get your books published. Both of us have been authors too and know personally what it’s like to be the little urchins with noses pressed against the window of the candy store, eager to get inside. If only… if only…

We know that to get from blank page to a publishing contract requires dedication, persistence, optimism and skill. We bring to our clients the same level of dedication we expect from you. We work with persistence and optimism to help you produce the kinds of manuscripts and proposals that demonstrate the themes and the technical skills today’s editors crave.

Visit the Submissions page to learn how to get your work into our hands and make us salivate to read it.